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The 2022 Scottscars

  The 2022 Scottscars Hello readers! Hope you’re both well. 2022 was a funny old year in the movies. There’s certainly a sense of Hollywood trying to find its place in the new post-covid landscape, to varying success. Disney’s MCU experiments had mixed results, with the Disney plus shows varying wildly in quality and Thor 4 being an attempt to make a film about cancer into a stand up comedy routine.  The year started with Will Smith’s slapping Oscars performance, then the world heard about Amber Heard’s dog stepping on a bee, Ezra Miller continued to be the absolute worst, Henry Cavill being in and out and all about with the Witcher and Superman, Warner Brothers showing absolutely zero confidence in their products by shelving 2 COMPLETED movies and James Gunn deciding to toss out the entire DC universe and rebooting it from scratch. But one thing that DOESN’T change is the most obscure and least renowned film awards of the year (It’s tradition now, so we're stuck with it). Welcome
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The 2021 Scottscars

  Happy new year folks! Welcome to my annual daft wee movie blog post, recapping my year in cinema and aiming to give you a few laughs for a few minutes. Bit late this year. I usually post it on December 31st, but truth be told- I'm just knackered. I think we all are from 2021. And what a year it was- musicals to multiverses, with everything in between. There were plenty of highs with the arrival of a few blockbusters that were delayed from last year, as well as quite a few lows, with studios occasionally missing the mark and making 'checklist' movies with no originality or point for existing (except $$$).  Will try to keep this year's awards more upbeat and focussed on celebrating the year in film, rather than putting down films- as even the most misguided, cynical, or failed movie will have had hard working people in the crew. People who don't deserve to see something they've been involved with shat upon, by me. Oh and don't worry I will have NO SPOILERS f